Frequently Questions

1. What services does Yasham Digital Ltd provide?

Yasham Digital Ltd. offers a variety of digital services including web hosting, website design and mobile apps development. We also provide technical support and backup services for our clients.

2. How can I contact customer support?

You can contact our customer support through our website’s customer service section or via our WhatsApp number.

3. What information do you collect when I visit your website?

We collect basic information such as your operating system, browser type, referral site, time and date of visit, and the duration of your visit. If you purchase our services or subscribe to our newsletters, we will also collect personal information such as your name, date of birth, and email address.

4. How do you use the collected information?

We use the collected information to enhance our online presence, understand visitor preferences, improve site efficiency, and write reports. For customers who subscribe to our newsletters, we send updates about our latest services.

5. Do you use cookies on your website?

Yes, we use cookies to identify visitors and obtain basic information about them. Cookies help us improve the efficiency of our website with each visit. You can delete cookies by visiting the cookies folder on your computer or mobile browser.

6. Do you share my personal information with others?

No, we do not share your personal information or email address with others. All essential information derived from visitors’ computers is kept secure.

7. How can I cancel my agreement with Yasham Digital Ltd?

You can request the cancellation of your agreement by giving written notice one month before the desired cancellation date. Please note that you must pay all due wages, and any wages or contributions paid in advance will not be refunded.

8. What are my responsibilities as a customer?

As a customer, you are responsible for adhering to our terms and conditions, updating your data as required, and ensuring that all content offered through our services complies with legal standards. You must also inform us of any changes to your contact information.

9. What activities are prohibited on Yasham’s services?

Prohibited activities include engaging in illegal activities, inciting violence or terrorism, violating intellectual property rights, distributing illegal materials, and using spam mail. Specific details are provided in our terms and conditions.

10. What technical support do you provide?

We provide technical support for issues related to our services. This does not include problems resulting from the incorrect use of external programs, customer errors, or installation and running of non-Yasham software.

11. What is included in the Yasham Digital Products Warranty?

Our warranty includes maintaining the product, downloading updates, restoring the product after technical failures, fixing problems within 48 hours, and protecting the product from hacking. The warranty does not cover issues resulting from customer-requested changes or the use of non-Yasham servers.

12. How do I back up my data?

We perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups of our service devices. However, customers are responsible for maintaining their site’s contents. Our control panel provides easy-to-use programs for creating backups of entire sites or databases.

13. What are the terms for domain name registration?

We respect customer domain ownership and provide a control panel for domain management. Domains are registered in the customer’s name, and customers will be notified before the reservation period expires. The reservation cannot be undone or refunded after payment.

14. How do I order services from Yasham Digital Ltd?

You can submit an application through our website’s customer service. Customers must ensure that only authorized persons access our services and maintain the confidentiality of user IDs and passwords.

15. What happens if there is a violation of the agreement?

Service will be suspended until the investigation is complete. Failure or delay by Yasham to exercise any right does not constitute a waiver of that right. Our terms and conditions are subject to change, and customers will be notified accordingly.